Zunda(Green Soy Beans)

Zunda(Green Soy Beans)
Zunda(Green Soy Beans)

We are a little proud of the Edamame (green soybeans)-like taste, eliminating the greenish taste.

Zunda-an (edamame flavor bean paste) is used for a local sweet of Tohoku and it is made from smashing edamame. Akanemaru’s sweetened bean paste is popular with its smooth texture. But for this one, we deliberately retained its lumpy texture. Since the edamame used as ingredients are harvested in the summer, Zundamochi (edamame rice cake) is recognized as an offering for Obon (the Bon festival). Its bright green color reflects a typical summer scene in Japan, so we named it as ‘cool breeze’. Some people don’t like Zunda-an because of the earthy scent. However, Akanemaru has eliminated this, so you can use in a wide range of purposes and enjoy its cool, green color.

Japanese galette with Zunda-an (edamame flavor bean paste) and soft and springy Swiss roll with Zunda.

Matched refreshing Zunda sweetened bean paste with a crispy, rich galette dough with plenty of butter and almond powder. This recipe has been popular for its new combination of Western and Japanese styles. Another recommendation is a Swiss roll filled with a lot of Zunda sweetened bean paste. The inclusion of actual Edamame (green soybeans) increases the element of surprise. The center is filled with fresh cream, so it is full of satisfaction. It is precisely a seasonal Swiss roll.

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Selling price¥4,854(税込)

Quantity 1kg × 6P


Edamame (green soybeans), sugar, raw bean paste (kidney beans), reduced sugar syrup, rum



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Food additives

Coloring agents (yellow 4, blue 1) (contains soybeans (Edamame) as part of the ingredients)