TOKACHI Tsubu-An(Regular)

TOKACHI Tsubu-An(Regular)
TOKACHI Tsubu-An(Regular)

Carefully made Tsubu-An (mashed sweetened bean paste) that gives you an impression of high quality

Akamemaru is proud to recommend this mashed sweetened bean paste with confidence, which is as delicious as its name and the strength of the Hokkaido Tokachi brand power.
We carefully selected the quality of the ingredients themselves by removing the hard beans one by one, and carefully cooked Tsubu-An with selected ingredients. You can taste the well-rounded taste of each bean. Please use this Anko (sweetened bean paste) for Anko lovers and to make sweets and breads for those who wish to enjoy to the full taste of Anko.

Moist sweetened An (sweetened bean paste) cake is the idea of a fan customer of Akanemaru

This is really recommended for those who like Japanese confectionary – Kintsuba (read sweetened bean paste wrapped in white-flour dough). The deliciousness of Anko (sweetened bean paste) is effective in “moist An (sweetened bean paste) cake”. Add just a little flour.
It’s a cake made almost entirely of An, but it is not too thick, and moist and smooth. It is a cake with the rich taste of the Anko spread. Another “Japanese style gateau au chocolat “ added chocolate is also recommendable. Chocolate and Anko? It is an intriguing combination because it makes us wonder how they interpose its flavor. Please try our long-year researched combination recipe.

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Selling price¥9,526(税込)

Quantity 3kg × 4Packs


Azuki red beans, sugar, starch syrup of reduced malt sugar (maltitol)
Cooked beans (Azuki red beans), sugar, reduced sugar syrup



Quality specifications
(period, precautions)

Store in a cool, dark place (below 22℃).
90 days from the date of manufacture