Only possible with low-level agricultural chemicals because they are North American products

Even if producers want to grow without pesticides, some areas are difficult to do so due to the climate. Then Akanemaru looked around the world and found some advantages in North America with vast land and low temperature as well as low and damp weather.
The taste of crops change subtly in different regions. When we think of delicious beans in Japan, Tokachi in Hokkaido comes to our mind. The merits of the beans in North America are soft skin with an elegant full flavor. A smooth texture finishing touch was given by using the fine mesh, this can be also used in sweets and breads where the texture on the tongue is paid mind to.

The smoothness of Anko (sweetened bean paste) blends well with the sticky texture of the Pao de queijo

Pao de queijo, which has definitely become a standard at bakeries, is a cheese bread from Brazil. It has become popular instantly because of its crispy surface, sticky softness, and the slight aroma of cheese is delicious.
In Japan, most of them are salted, but in Brazil, some of them are actually sweetened with sugar. It means, it is OK to add Anko. With smooth and elegant Josep’s Koshi-An (smooth sweetened bean paste), it would be a perfect match with cheese.

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Raw Beans Paste(Azuki Beans), Sugar, Reduced Sugar Syrup



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