Mouthwatering taste and the smoothness of Koshi-An (smooth sweetened bean paste) is our pride and joy

The Azuki beans from the Tokachi Agricultural Cooperative Association in Hokkaido are chosen by customers who care about the place of production. And these were made into Koshi-An (smooth sweetened bean paste) for a smooth texture with careful selection.
Its delicious smoothness and elegant sweetness using fine mesh definitely please any sweet bean paste lovers. Naturally, it can be used as it is and it is also well known for its high versatility because it blends well with breads, Western doughs, and Japanese confectionaries. This is a high-quality Koshi-An adds the richness of the beans themselves to the taste of sweets and breads, making them one-class higher.

Ideas are infinite such as madeleines, and bavarois.

Because this is Koshi-An (smooth sweetened bean paste), it can also be used for delicate sweets that are sensitive to the texture of the tongue. An example is “Marble Madeleines”.
When you add a little bit of stretched Koshi-an into white color dough made from almond powder and condensed milk, it will make a beautiful marble pattern, slightly Japanese-style madeleines. The subtle richness of the butter and Anko (sweetened red bean paste) would be loved by health-conscious elderlies. The “bavarois” made with HonーKuzu (kudzu starch), agar, and soy milk is also recommended. Akanemaru’s carefully prepared Koshi-An allows for an infinite number of ideas.

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Raw Beans Paste(Azuki Beans), Sugar, Reduced Sugar Syrup



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