We are confident in the size of the grains!

This Anko (sweetened bean paste) is made from particularly the largest red beans of the Hokkaido Tokachi brand called Dainagon. When you take a bite, you can feel the presence of large grains in your mouth, which is irresistible to bean lovers and Anko lovers. Koshi (smooth)-An (sweetened bean paste) is OK, but if it is a mashed grainy sweetened bean paste, grainy sensations as this much is expected are the picky voices we often hear. The difference in the size of the grains is obvious when you eat it and when you see it with your eyes. This is an easy Anko to differentiate it from others.

Classic An-pan (sweetened bean paste bun) and kneaded bread: both of them are recommended

When you have a generous amount of large Dainagon Anko (sweetened bean paste) in An-pan (sweetened bean paste bun), you will be amazed at its grainy texture and its deliciousness, and you feel to confirm it with your own eyes right away, don’t you? So large grains! A lot of them! You will be so happy and no doubt you will be eating it again.
Another recommendable recipe is to mix these in braided bread. You can emphasize the flavor of Anko firmly when you combine it with Yuzu-flavor custard using Yuzu tea. Because of the large size of the grains, Even a small amount of it will give you enough of an impression of the sweetened bean paste sensation, so please adjust the amount you use.

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Selling price¥10,135(税込)

Quantity 3kg × 4Packs


Cooked beans(Dainagon red beans), raw bean paste (Azuki red beans), sugar, reduced sugar syrup



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Store in a cool, dark place (below 22℃).