SIHRO-HANA(White Snap Beans)

SIHRO-HANA(White Snap Beans)
SIHRO-HANA(White Snap Beans)

One of the best of Akanemaru ! – Part 2

We process white kidney beans gently by removing the skin.
Since 1940, we have been diligently applying Akanemaru techniques to produce our white sweetened bean paste to perfection.
Our white bean paste is exceptional, boasting a soft ‘melt in your mouth’ texture with a refined sweetness, so it has always been used at luxury Wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery) shops. We are very proud of the beautiful color of our sweetened bean paste and it compliments other ingredients such as sesame and Matcha when combined.

You can freely arrange with the white & peeled sweetened bean paste.

When you mix the mild and beautiful white peeled sweetened bean paste with fresh cream, it creates a light and delicate mouse that accentuates the flavour of the beans.
You can also put this on the sponge and top it with Shiro-kanoko (boiled white beans soaked in syrup). Finally, finish it off with a white mouse to balance the dish.
Moreover, when you combine the white sweetened bean paste and black cooked beans, the contrast between black and white colors is tantalizing. Its arrangement is limitless, for example, garnishing with an orange apricot creates a luxurious two-colored sweet bean bun. In Addition, you can also make a marbled madeleine with the smooth sweetened bean paste that boasts a Japanese taste – a stand out product at available retailers.

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Selling price¥8,327(税込)

Quantity 2.5kg × 4Packs


Raw bean paste (kidney beans), sugar, reduced sugar syrup, agar



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