We carefully selected each ingredient.

The black sesame seeds sourced from “Kadoya” – a famous for flavorful sesame oil manufacturer – blended with organic brown sugar, we completed this by selecting only the highest quality. It is completely different from Goma-an (sesame sweetened bean paste) that is popular in Chinese cuisine. While the rich sesame flavor firmly stands out with the brown sugar, it is finished with Akanemaru’s light and elegant roasted black sesame sweetened bean paste, perfectly accented with bread. This can create a hit product that can grasp the hearts of health-conscious women who are in the mood for eating rich sesame flavor.

This Swiss roll cake is excellent because it uses black sesame flavored sweetened bean paste, not black sesame paste.

This Swiss roll makes the most of the delicious roasted black sesame sweetened bean paste. It is made from a sponge dark in color which uses plenty of egg yolks and the pitch-black sweetened bean paste, with fresh cream put into the center. It is a perfect color to feel warmth in autumn and winter. Taking advantage of its special smoothness of the sweetened bean paste, you can knead into the dough with ease, unlike sesame paste. This is why the dough has a slight sweetness and seriously rich flavor because it is finished with sweetened bean paste, different from using only sesame paste.

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Selling price¥5,145(税込)

Quantity 1kg × 6P


Raw bean paste (kidney beans), sugar (granulated sugar, brown sugar), sesames, reduced sugar syrup



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