Sayama Green Tea

Sayama Green Tea
Sayama Green Tea

Match the green of fresh tea, here’s a yellow-green sweetened bean paste with a sharp punch.

Sayama tea is one of the most famous teas in the land. The tea is a local specialty sold at Akanemaru’s Tokyo branch and we developed it in response to a customer request for sweetened bean pastes that match local products. In the Iruma district of Saitama prefecture, meanwhile, there is a song about Sayama tea making. The ditty contains the phrase “Shizuoka for the color, Uji for the aroma, and Sayama to complete the taste.” Yes, the fresh aroma and flavor of this tea is quite distinct from traditional Matcha. And so here our bean paste has a touch of sharpness just like high-end Sencha. The finishing touch is a color is not quite as dark as Matcha, but still a beautiful yellow-green that reminds one of a piping cup of fresh green tea.

Bean paste flavored with Sencha (green tea) for an even more appealing sweetness

Because of its characteristic astringency and sweetness, brioche dough is the go-to choice for homemade breads. It’s made with plenty of eggs, butter, and sugar. Our “Sayama (tea) White Chocolate Roll” is made from this choice dough with a generous amount of Sayama green tea paste packed into a roll. The pastry is then topped with white chocolate chips. This bring out the slightly tart Anko and makes for an overall balanced and delicious treat. Yes, you’ll notice a difference between the Sayama Sencha and Matcha. Try it in and see!

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Selling price¥4,692(税込)

Quantity 1kg × 6Packs


Raw bean paste (kidney beans), sugar, reduced sugar syrup, green tea (Sayama)



Quality specifications
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Store in a cool, dark place (below 22℃).
90 days from the date of manufacture