Challenged to create irresistible starchy pumpkin feeling using sweetened bean paste

“Imo” (sweet potato), “Kuri” (chestnut) and “Nankin” (pumpkin)” are a ladies’ favorite. This sweetened bean paste refers to Nankin flavor. To make the best use of the irresistible soft and starchy texture of pumpkins from Hokkaido, we didn’t use our usual proudest smooth method. Instead, we thoroughly removed moisture in the manufacturing process so the taste of pumpkin and the rich taste can be tasted affluently as a finishing touch. The use of pumpkins rather than beans can create a richer pumpkin flavor and smoother texture, so its taste is authentic and easy to work with. This sweetened bean paste is very popular in the autumn.

Perfect sweetened bean paste for the expression of color, taste and autumn

In addition to the sweetness of pumpkin, the taste of sweetened bean paste is already adjusted, so natural sweet sweets are easily made. For example, the ingredients of a filling for pumpkin tarts is so simple: egg yolk, fresh cream and milk, except irresistible starchy types, and soft pumpkin flavor sweetened bean paste. A richly flavored pumpkin tart will be ready in a short time. The best-seller recipe, a cornet with cocoa and pumpkin, is recommended because it’s fun to look at. The twisted color combination of cocoa and pumpkin dough exactly gives you an impression of autumn.

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Selling price¥6,648(税込)

Quantity 1kg × 6Packs


Pumpkins (produced in Hokkaido), raw bean paste (kidney beans), sugar, reduced sugar syrup



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