Kinako (Soybean Flour)

Kinako (Soybean Flour)
Kinako (Soybean Flour)

Presence of Kinako(roasted soybean flour)and user friendly tenderness

Using Kinako made from soybeans produced in Hokkaido. “Sweet roasted flavor of Kinako” is a comparatively soft, sweetened bean paste that is cherished by people who know the authentic aroma of Kinako. And its paste-like form is easy to mix with fresh cream. There is a wide range of applications, such as mixing as it is and spreading on bread. Since it is highly aromatic, even a small amount of it can finish with a strong presence of Kinako.

A recipe for pastries that can top out the autumn and beans

How about Roll Buns, full of beans, adding Kanoko (cooked red beans soaked in syrup) with
Kinako that is made from soybeans, and sweetened bean paste that is made from kidney beans. This is such an enjoyable bun because the three colors of the beans — red of Azuki beans, green of sweetened green peas, and white Azuki beans — fall off every time you eat it. The sweet roasted flavor of Kanoko shows a presence of taste that is unbeatable, so this taste is definitely irresistible in autumn. In addition, muffins mixed with sweet potatoes is recommended. When you add square-cut sweet potatoes in a dough together with the sweet roasted flavor of Kinako sweetened bean paste, the rich taste of the autumn harvest will spread out.

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Quantity 1kg × 6Packs


Sugar, raw bean paste (kidney beans),Kinako (roasted soybean flour), reduced sugar syrup, konjac powder



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60 days from the date of manufacture