Japanese Apricot

Japanese Apricot
Japanese Apricot

Matches well with rice flour, best match Ume (Japanese apricot) Anko (sweetened bean paste)

Ume-flavored Anko is something that you would think every store would stick. Ume’s sourness and Anko’s sweetness is a combination that should be easily imagined, one would think. For this, we’ll blend products from Kishu, Wakayama Prefecture: Nanko-ume apricot fruit flesh with Shiso (Japanese basil) vinegar. The charm of this Anko is the aroma of Ume spread on the elegant and refreshing sweet-sour flavor, along with a subtle saltiness.
The slight, pretty pink color comes from monascus and Shiso basil pigments. This creation is finished with a purely natural and genuine product. Strangely, Ume goes well with rice, even if stirred with Anko, so it nicely matches with products using rice flour. Early spring is the season for Ume, and this can be used all year round.

Hospitality with early spring steamed buns using Ume-an (Japanese apricot-sweetened bean paste) and Matcha-an (green powdered tea-sweetened bean paste)

How about a steamed bun recipe that is perfect for early spring? By making a tender and fluffy dough with soy milk and rice flour, then putting Ume flavor Anko (sweetened bean paste) inside, you can make a bun that represents a typical Japanese creation. Topping the bun with salt-pickled cherry blossoms increases the spring atmosphere. When you make one batch of steamed buns with Matcha-an, this can show your hospitality. For the topping of the Macha steamed bun, how about sprinkling Matcha powder and gold powder? Akanemaru’s Anko is high quality, so this sweetened bean paste can be used on its own for a simple steamed bun as well.

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Selling price¥4,944(税込)

Quantity 1kg × 6Packs


Raw bean paste (kidney beans), sugar, reduced sugar syrup, Ume (Japanese apricot), salt, Shiso (Japanese basil) vinegar



Quality specifications
(period, precautions)

Store in a cool, dark place (below 22℃).
90 days from the date of manufacture

Food additives

Acidulant, flavoring, coloring agents (monascus pigment, Shiso pigment)