Green Peas Paste

Green Peas Paste
Green Peas Paste

Uguisu-an (green smooth bean paste made by crushing boiled green peas and sweetening with sugar) can make you feel the advent of spring

Using plenty of green peas (sweetened green peas), we finished Anko (sweetened bean paste) with rich taste and mellow sweetness. Its simple natural color and deliciousness is perfect for creating an atmosphere of early spring. When springs comes around, you will miss Uguis-an (sweetened green peas paste). This is Anko accepted by those who are sensitive to anticipated season in advance. Check out this product to make products that look like and make you feel spring.

With Uguisu (sweetened green peas), we exzpressed ears of barley.

Very spring-like from its shape, how about expressing the ears of barley with the form of French bread epi? For each ear of barley, you can see the tender green of Anko (sweetened bean paste). Dried and fragrant French bread dough and the clean green color can bring a light and bright feeling of the arrival of spring. In addition, an Uguisu and Kinako bread roll that is spread with Kinako paste made with honey on top looks attractive with its vivid green color. We came up with delightful recipes such as Uguis An-pan with white ball and Warabi Mochi (a traditional Japanese dessert made from bracken starch, soybean flour and topped off with syrup) one after another.

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Selling price¥7,478(税込)

Quantity 3kg × 4Packs


Cooked beans (green peas), sugar, reduced sugar syrup, agar



Quality specifications
(period, precautions)

Store in a cool, dark place (below 22℃).
90 days from the date of manufacture

Food additives

Coloring agent (gardenia pigment)