Coffee bean paste that would delight coffee lovers

Everyone has a taste for coffee in this day and age, so it is not amazing to have coffee-flavor sweetened bean paste. We kneaded in the best grade expresso syrup of the popular, high-rank liquor trading company Dover Ltd. into Anko (sweetened bean paste).
It is bitter taste when you taste it as it is, but this Anko was finished a little stronger on the assumption that it lose some of its flavor and aroma when heated. So when the fat and oil of bread is added, it turns to be perfect taste. When you use this sweetened bean paste as it is, please try to mix with cream and butter.

Represented various coffee by breads

An-pan (sweetened bean-paste buns) represents Japanese pastry. When making coffee taste pastries, we added soybean milk and chocolate chips by changing the dough a little. Since the Anko (sweetened bean paste) that will be inside the pastry has a coffee flavor, it will bring out the flavor. So we gently finished off this pastry as white buns, not as colored burnt buns. If you think about dough while picturing a cup of coffee like this, plenty of ideas seem to come up. Café au lait, mochia java, cinnamon coffee, and Vienna coffee, etc.
If these coffee were lined up not represented in the form of bread, coffee lovers would find it absolutely irresistible.

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Selling price¥5,748(税込)

Quantity 1kg × 6Packs


Raw bean paste (kidney beans), sugar, reduced sugar syrup, instant coffee, coffee, concentrated extract



Quality specifications
(period, precautions)

Store in a cool, dark place (below 22℃).
90 days from the date of manufacture

Food additives

Coloring agent (caramel color), flavoring