Chestnut with astringent coat

Chestnut with astringent coat
Chestnut with astringent coat

Fussy about the close taste of chestnuts, we made it with inner astringent skin of chestnuts

Marron glace, Mont Blanc, chestnut Yokan (a jelly made from Azuki beans), and chestnut Mochi (rice cake), there are many Japanese and Western sweets made from chestnuts.
Among other things, sweets using the inner astringent skin of chestnuts well is even more flavorful. Akanemaru’s inner astringent skin of chestnuts flavor sweetened bean paste creates rich and elegant color that uses plenty of inner astringent skin of chestnuts and presents authentic Japanese taste. Even though chestnuts with inner astringent skin are used, the sweetened bean paste is easy for children to eat, so please don’t worry.

“A form of chestnuts An-Pan (Japanese sweet bean paste buns) in its burr” is recommended for the lovers of the inner astringent skin.

Since this Anko (sweetened been paste) is very close to real chestnuts, you can feel the full flavor of the paste. We developed “Chestnuts An-pan” with a shape that also reminds one of a chestnut in its burr that is also fun to look at. We expressed the shape of round chestnuts. Almond slices that express burrs are inserted in the bun as well as plenty of Anko. But don’t worry about it being too sweet. The astringent skin of the chestnuts balance out the sugar topping accent. The delicious taste of this delicacy will turn first-timers into repeaters.

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Selling price¥5,288(税込)

Quantity 1kg × 6Packs


Raw bean paste (kidney beans), sugar, chestnuts, reduced sugar syrup



Quality specifications
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Store in a cool, dark place (below 22℃).
90 days from the date of manufacture

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