Chestnut-flavor Anko’s (sweetened bean paste) rich taste is very popular and spares no ingredients

Akanemaru is particular about quality and spares no ingredients generously added to chestnuts. Since it is Anko, the material should be white kidney beans. However, its finished touch is the rich flavor of chestnuts, named Kri-Kinton. Long experience and a professional taste for the long-established sweetened bean paste, the manufacturer blends chestnuts and beans at just the right amount. This has been popular because it is easy to use for anything calling for the rich flavor of chestnuts. It’s been popular all year, not only in autumn, because it is absolutely delicious.

Chestnut-flavor tiramisu is the best-sellers of best-sellers

Speaking of coffee and cheese taste, we have tiramisu. And on top of that, can we add chestnut flavor? As the question marks pop into your head, you can’t resist to show a deep interest in it. You’ve always wanted to taste it once, haven’t you? The point here is the taste of coffee-chestnut-sweetened bean paste. Its smoothness is worth boasting about Kuri-Kinton-an bean paste mixes well with coffee. Discover our popular taste of the best-seller Akanemaru recipes, which were collected only from those with high reputations.

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Selling price¥9,292(税込)

Quantity 3kg × 4Packs


Raw bean paste (kidney beans), sugar, reduced sugar syrup, chestnuts, agar



Quality specifications
(period, precautions)

Store in a cool, dark place (below 22℃).
90 days from the date of manufacture

Food additives

Flavoring, coloring agent (gardenia pigment)