42°Tsubu-AN(lightly Sweetened)

42°Tsubu-AN(lightly Sweetened)
42°Tsubu-AN(lightly Sweetened)

We pulled the normal sugar content 52° down to 45°and then to 42°

The sugar content of common sweetened bean paste is 52°, but as for Joseph’s An (sweetened bean paste), it is made with 45° thanks to our customized manufacturing process. And we have recently taken this a step further, down to a super low sugar content of 42°. This was achieved painstakingly and was the result of stringent research. The accomplishment has won us accolades, many new orders, and numerous reservations. Even the health-conscious can enjoy plenty of these snacks without any worries.
We are proud of the elegant sweetness of our bean paste products. We hope that you will try them in your own recipes.

Make the best use of non-sickly sweetness even wrapped up plenty of sweetened bean paste

Although we use less sweetened bean paste to enjoy delicious taste of Mochi (rice cakes) in classic Japanese confectionary, most customers regards it does not have enough sweetened bean paste. In such cases, super low sugar content is recommended. Need full of sweetened bean paste, but not too sweet? When you feel like eating sweets, but want to be careful about health? This is a suitable receipt to fulfill the self-centered wishes of both makers and eaters. This is recommended for breads not only classic Japanese confectionaries such as “Kashiwa-Mochi, (sticky rice cake with sweetened bean paste fillings wrapped in an oak leave) and “Yomogi-Mochi (a steamed mugwort rice cake).
Since it is not an insistent sweetness even the filling is plenty, putting Kanoko (boiled red beans soaked in syrup) into a dough and appeal luxurious sense in “luxurious An-pan (sweetened bean paste bun) in Mame (beans) -Daifuku (a rice cake stuffed with sweetened bean paste) style.

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Selling price¥8,929(税込)

Quantity 3kg × 4Packs


Cooked beans(Azuki red beans), sugar, reduced sugar syrup



Quality specifications
(period, precautions)

Store in a cool, dark place (below 22℃).
90 days from the date of manufacture